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Maternal Health

Maternal Health        

Milk bowl and Cup (NRHM)

Celebrity PSA - Amitabh Bacchan (NRHM)

Leaflet-Maternal Health (PHFI

Training Poster-Maternal Health (PHFI)

At the right time (NRHM)

Char Gaanth (NHM-UP)

Mother Health Hoarding (NHM-UP

Maternal Health Poster (NHM-UP)

Jaldbazi (NHM-UP)

Diet & Rest: Basic care during pregnancy safeguards both the mother & child(Unicef)

Maternal Health Poster (NHM-UP)

Maternal Health Poster (NHM-UP)
Mother Health-WP (NHM-UP)

Mother Health-WP (NHM-UP)



ANC Haveli(NHM-UP)

ANC Visits (NHM-UP

Inclinic 1 (HLFPPT)

Mother Health-WP (NHM-UP)

ANC English (UHI)

Get Tetanus Toxoid during pregnancy (UHI)

Inclinic 2 (HLFPPT)

Inclinic 4 (HLFPPT

ANC: (Unicef)

Pregnancy & Tetanus(Unicef)

Nonlit C (HLFPPT)

Nonlit D (HLFPPT)

ANC Celeb Couple Sachin Supriya

ANC Celeb Juhi Chawla



Maternal Nutrition, Anemia and IFA

IFA English (UHI)

IFA Tablet (NHM-UP)

IFA Tablets-Wallpainting (NHM-UP)

Eating Well-Wallpainting (NHM-UP)

Anaemia: Blood and Iron Deficiency(Unicef)

Hospital Delivery and Birth Preparedness


Delivery in Hospital (UHI)

Delivery in Hospital(NHM-UP)

Mother Health-WP (

Institutional Delivery-WP (NHM-UP)


Birth Preparedness English (UHI)

Delivery in Hospital (Unicef)

Mother Health-WP (NHM-UP)

Danger Signs


Maternal danger Signs (UHI)


Signs of complications(Unicef)

Danger Sings Inclinic 3 (HLFPPT)



Infection Control and Handwashing



Hand Washing(Unicef)

Hand Washing(Unicef)

Correct Way to Take Off Gloves (SaveTheChildren)

Correct Way to Wear Gloves (SaveTheChildren)

Diarrhoea Prevention(Unicef)  

Hand Washing(Unicef)

Posters for 24x7 FRUS (NHM-UP)


Post Partum Care


Post Partum Family Planning

Post Partum FP (UHI)

Post Partum FP(UHI)
PPFPPPFP Counseling Card Hindi/English (UHI) Contraceptive Options after Delivery Hindi/English (UHI)

Abortion and Post Abortion Family Planning

Post Abortion (UHI)

Post Abortion (UHI)
PAFPPAFP Counseling Card Hindi/English (UHI)
Safe and Legal Abortion (FPAI)

Post Abortion FP Campaign Contraception ( NHM)

Unsafe abortion: A neglected crisis in women's health (Ipas)

CAC Poster (NHM-UP)

Behavior change communication efforts increase knowledge of safe abortion in India (Ipas)
Community-level health workers broaden women's access to safe abortion (Ipas)

Community awareness and intervention materials, Jharkhand, India (Ipas)
NHM Helpline 1800-180-1900   
Directorate Medical Health UP 1800-180-5145  
Ambulance Service 102    
Ambulance Service 108 
 Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh 1800-11-6555